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To enable the prosperity of Africans from all walks of life by aggresively pushing the necesssary methods needed to totally transform our Nation and Continent To leverage all social vehicles and empower human resources to accelerate the pace of sustainable development.

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DDN Ghana's mission is to pool volunteers, skills sets, investors, donors, expertise and resources to come to the the aid of deprived societies in Ghana and to ultimately help the entire DDN's goal of African emancipation from poverty and retrogresive mentality.
Our goal is to mobilise the African Diaspora and impact-driven Africans to lead the sustainable development of Ghana and Africa.

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we believe wholly in the practice and preservation of the core African values that distinguish us from the rest of the world. We believe in
Sacrifice, Selflesness, Commitment, Transparency, Humility, Integrity, Honesty, Dedication, Hardwork, Decency, and Passion. we do not let these values depart from us. We have taken it upon ourselves to Sacrifice time, resources and expertise......

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"With great great strength comes great responsibilities".   we are motivated to give to the growth of our home country and continent. This is our responsibility, do you care to share in it ?

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Empowering dreams & Aspirations

Many a time, the dreams,hopes and aspirations of the youth and the vibrant are dashed. Owing mostly to the lack of proper guidance, training and empowerment. The skills and know-hows needed are often absent and in the end kills more dreams than failure in itself. The Diasporan Development Network Ghana shall Provide for instances such in our target communities through radical and rigorous programs in the following

  • Practical STEM based Education
  • Industrial & Practical I.T Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Agricultural Training
  • Talents Nurturing and Support
  • Financial Support
  • Career Trianing
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Workshops
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Financial Guidance & Training
  • Industrial training
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Our long term goals

To have a self-sufficient system that retrains itself and keeps fueling rapid, stable, sustainable development.
To have finally bridged the gap between marginalized communities and the urban centres. And to ultimately improve the living conditions of all Ghana and Africa - becoming a developed nation and continent.

Target areas for sustainable growth

  • Vibrant Agriculture
  • Rapid Industrialization
  • Healthy Citizenry
  • Charismatic & Knowledgeable leadership
  • Political Stability
  • Modern & Practical Education
  • Economic Diversification
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Poverty alleviation programs

Ghana neeeds a creative and an all inclusive, diversified economy. DDN is ready to provide for and help in all the viable and necessary methods needed on that front. We are embarking on numerous programs and crusades nationwide that wil facilitate the efforts that are already being made by many well-meaning groups from around the globe. DDN is keen to activate...

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Every succesful team boast of some very great people, our team is no exception. Our success is hugely attributed to these dynamic personalities

What our beneficiaries say

DDN Ghana has embarked on many projects in social, educational and economic spheres. Here are a few words from some of our benefeciaries

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